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Intraline is a health-focused, innovative, multinational aesthetics company committed to providing top quality products, industry-leading customer service, and a socially responsible approach to doing business. We partner with industry professionals and strongly value their expertise and knowledge. We believe that together we can provide exceptional resources, clinical studies, training, and education. Intraline was incorporated January of 2015. 


Above all else, we believe in promoting confidence. We believe in individuality. We believe people should age on their own terms. We believe in knowledge and education. We believe in transparency from us as a business and push for transparency in the medical aesthetics industry. We believe it’s time for the stigma of “getting work done” to be over. We believe the choice is yours and that cosmetic procedures are highly personal and we believe it is our job to help you make the best decision for you – whatever that means.
We have created a dynamic culture that is driven by our beliefs and encourages our employees to be inspiring and exceptional at work and beyond.